Just Marinating Radio Spot Archive

Free Cure for the battle of the mind.
A Borrowed Wedding Dress You are beautiful!
When Life Gives You Lemons... A lemonade story.
A Forest King Adversity is your friend.
Love & Sacrifice Thank those who have helped you.
Vision Where you goin’?
Longing For Another Stories that capture our hearts.
Hard Working Americans A more important effort.
16 On My ACT Someone scored perfectly for us.
My White Suit The clothes make the man?
Small Boat, Big Storm You don't have to fear sinking.
Marriage It's like a garden.
What I'm Looking For A rags to riches story.
Making Sense God doesn't waste a hurt!
One "F" Word Away The fire of pain and hurt can be put out!
When You Don't Have A Map There's a light that will guide you
God's-Eye View He's got you!
Viral Outbreak We need a blood transfusion
Do You Feel Like You Lack? Contentment is possible!
Experience A Great Promise Retreat into the arms of Jesus.
Is Life Overwhelming? I've got some help for you and me,
Dangling Disappointment Know the ultimate source of true joy!
Time, A Most Precious Gift So worship instead of worry
Worry A weapon of mass distraction!
Stuck in traffic? Take the high road!
Slam Dunk Be a giver not a taker
Seek His Presence And know His love, grace, character, and power!
Frustrated? This is why!
Jesus' Disciples How will people know?
Nameless Nobies In Christ this can't be true.
Closed Door No need to go there.
Eptastic News Disappointment can bring great opportunity!
Inquisitive I've got a question.
Transformation God will complete the good work!
Right Relationships Don't react from your past, react from His.
Ephesians 3:16-19 This is my prayer for you.
Good News And it affects you!
Need Change? Change your focus!
God Is Good How good is He?
A Sacred Job Help the lost get home!
The Great Physician We make the 911 call.
Feel Like Giving Up? Jesus holds us up!
Blessing Others This is life at it's fullest!
Imagination It's a gift, start using it!
Game Plan This one's a life-changer!
Not good enough? It's okay, listen to this!
Beat Temptation Shift your focus!
In Christ... Remember what's most important!
Stains on your Suit Heaven's holy detergent makes us clean!
Jesus' Proposal He didn't need to go to Jared's!
A Cinderella Story He wants you!
Wedding Day The best decision you'll ever make.
Spiritual Amnesia Are you in the wilderness?
Pre-game Prep Doesn't get much better than this!
Your Trial The charges have been dropped.
Can't Swim We all need The Lifeguard!
A "Soleful" Story From one pair of shoes to 10 million!
Join Jesus Conversation can change lives!
Divine Nutrition Skip the sugar sandwich.
Your Father Knows There's no NEED to worry!
Walking Bible Let others see Jesus in how we live!
Royal Envelope Wait til you hear what's inside!
Change the World Do the unthinkable!
Hope Say it with me!
Broken Dreams? Our disappointments are God's appointments.
Paintbrush God wants to use you to create on His canvas.
Hidden God the Father loves to play Hide & Go Seek.
Sweet Perfume Let's make the world smell good.
A Ridiculous Question Would you ever drink poison?
Write A Letter A note of encouragement could go a long way.
Boot Camp Adversity is your University!
Forever Forgiven His long road of agony lead to grace.
Breaking Free Don't let the chains of your past hold you back!
Pity Party? Forget about the past pain and look up!
Metamorphosis The struggle gives us wings to fly.
God's Poetry. What does your verse say?
Halftime. Here comes a pep talk!
In To Me You See It's what we need most.
The Aisle of Toys. Are you asking for more?
Gone Fishing? Not this time.
Forgiving Jesus forgave you so you can become a forgiver.
Eternally Forgotten Remember what the Son has done.
Soul Toxins Trade these two things for the One who will set you free!
Autobiography Your story summed up!
Hungry What are you eating?
Journey Through Oz A tale more familiar than we realize.
You Complete Me There's only One who.
Fallin' in Love Remember the moment?
It's Free! Don't pass up what's already been purchased.
The Key The one and only that unlocks your soul.
Stolen Let what's been taken be fuel for good.
Tailor Made These are the clothes that make the man!
Make a Difference Don't ask what if, but believe what can be!
I Gotta Feeling It's going to be like never before!
Deep Breath Forgiveness is like oxygen.
Soul Food Feed your spirit the good stuff.
Want to Grow? May be time for a pruning!
Grace Exam You have permission to cheat!
Eptastic Get fruity in 2014!
Sea Cruise Sail away with forgiveness in the new year!
The Christmas Season Drop the hustle and bustle!
Listen to His Voice 'Tis better to give than to receive.
Empty Boxes Let Jesus fill with the fullness of lfe.
Adoption It's God's big plan for us.
Walking in the Dark? Turn to "The Light!"
Special Delivery We've got the goods that give life.
Hunger Pains There may be more than your tummy talking.
Hungry? It's WHO He is, not WHAT He gives.
Moments of a Lifetime Listen for the guiding voice of love and light
Grateful May our hearts move upward in praise
Thanksgiving Great food, greater relationships
Hunger Pains Outback Steakhouse in heaven
Workin' it Dance to the song of your heart
Frequent Flyer What if there's a layover?
What If... Pray to be a blessing
Distinct Seasons Jesus holds all of life
Know it All Grace, when we realize we don't
Gameplan Trust Jesus for every play.
Marvelously Made You were formed for the glory of God!
Dress up Clothes can't cover what only Jesus can do.
Even Better! May Jesus in us be a blessing to others.
Time to Live God accomplishments await you.
Taking Chances Risk loving someone today.
Before the Battle What is God doing in you now that He wants to use later?
At the Heart See beyond what's on the outside.
Story of Grace Unpack the pages of your story through His eyes.
New Suit Get excited about the clothes you wear.
Tinted Lenses Do you need some new specs?
Be a Coach Love AND encourage beyond limits.
Dream Again Reconnect to the ultimate dream-giver.
You Can Make It Despite hard times, God IS for you.
Potentially Great Help others see who they're meant to be.
Stolen Gift Freely give to a world that needs it.
Graceful Excellence It's NOT what you do, but how you do it.
Ask a Friend It could save a life.
The Great Set-Up Disappointment or appointment?
New Glasses You're gonna want these shades.
Superstars It's not what you think.
Spiritual Athletes Become a puma-bull-aroo.
Better Days If things are down keep looking up.
Grace Reason and logic defied.
The Secret to Greatness It's not rocket science.
Equip-a-Teen Watch God do epic acts of awesomeness.
Dream Come True Bless the world with your dream.
Unrealized Dreams Your biggest risk is not taking one.
Own it! Nothing takes Jesus by surprise.
Anchors Away Hold grace, not grudges.
Too Little, Too Much It's not about what we possess, but Who possesses us.
Good Ideas What are you doing to let others know about Jesus?
Heal the Hurt Past hurts can be healed by Jesus' ever-present grace.
Go Snorkeling Get off the beach and jump in the water!
Superheroes Tame your inner Hulk.
Power of the Ring What we worship determines what we'll become.
Spiritual Cancer Don't let this vicious disease eat you alive.
Master the "Full" We soar when we relax and trust Christ.
Unexpected Circumstances Control only what you can, your response.
Hey you! There's power for your passion.†
100 MPH Life is a highway, slow down.
Today's the day! You have a divine opportunity--today!
Beloved Because of the Son, you can be close to the Father.†
Hide and Go Seek You won't find Jesus playing this childhood game.
Re-fire At any age, you can bring fame to His name.
Battlefield When facing a giant, you're not the underdog.
Good Gifts Even better than our blessings, is the Giver of all good things.
The Ultimate Parent We can lead by example by taking after the greatest Father of all.
So You Can't Dance? Listen how Jesus done broke it down!
At Perfect Peace Jesus brings us to the feet of our Father.
Jesus' Pride and Joy Did you know you're a trophy?
Don't Play With Pain All humans need grace!
Freedom Are you married to Mr. Law or Mr. Grace?
Crossfit A workout for your spiritual muscles.
The Ultimate Comeback You might be down, but with God, you're not out!
This Pro Knows God works in our weakness to bring out our best.
Final Destination Be your best even when plans seem delayed.
Fashionista The spiritual clothes really do make the person.
Made Complete If you still haven't found what you're looking for, listen here.
Money, Money, Money Why churches talk about money.
The Bigger Picture God wants to use you where you are to reach others.
At the Well From empty to overflowing.
Grace The gift that keeps on giving.
Dating 101 It's not about what's on the outside.
Gone Shopping! A new wardrobe, and no worries--you won't need a credit card.
Define Religion From "You do it," to "He's done it."
How We Pray If you feel your prayers are going unanswered, try this prayer.
Divine Appointments Did you know that God has strategically placed you in a position to share the Gospel?
Living the Dream Let your faith swallow fears, and watch dreams take flight!
You are a Miracle In need of a pep-talk? Listen here.
On Mission God wants to use you in the life of others. Are you ready?
Big Opportunity Speak encouragement into someone's life today.
Give it up! In our weakness, He is strong.
Real Talk You are dearly loved. Believe it!
We are Sons and Daughters As adopted children of God, we can trust Him for all our needs.
Canceled Debt Woo hoo! The biggest debt you have has been paid in full!
Got Fear? Even in the hardest times, listen for the voice that brings peace.
Redo While we can't do everything over in life, we can have hope in the King of second chances.
Spiritual Genes Blonde hair, blue eyes, hope and forgiveness. Some genes we inherit, others we choose to pass along.
Marriage Booster Shot When was the last time you and your spouse had a check-up?
Be a Blessing When we step out to be a blessing to others, others get glimpses of God's love.
Out With the Old Don't let old habits keep you from getting in with the new!
Defining Success Success is a life well-lived.
Thank You! A special prayer just for you.
Are We There Yet? In the rush to arrive, don't miss who God really wants you to be.
Answered Prayers God wants to use your generosity to be the answer to someone's prayer.
A Great Resolution Who's benefiting from your New Year's resolutions?
Purple Mountain's Majesty Take a deep breath and breathe-in our Big God!
Believing in You Find the encouragement that unlocks your God-given potential.
You, Yes You! You are uniquely created to be a difference-maker!
Remember When...? What if I told you God doesn't remember everything?
A Servant's Heart Following God means following Him at all costs.
Mary's Shoes A beautiful heart sees beyond the cost, to its glorious calling.
Derwin's Christmas Carole How to keep our life-song of "service" on key.
Roll Out Hope A heart of compassion can change the world you live in.
Divine Phenomenon God-as-man, was no man's plan!
The Bridge The most important bridge was not built, but born.
Pastor Appreciation Give a pastor some love!
Happy Meal God can make a whole lot out of our little.
The Phone Call Is God asking you to do something that seems impossible?
Check Yourself Are you stretching yourself to the limits? Even Jesus had boundaries!
No Fishing Some places are off limits, and Jesus has good reason for it. Nibble on this morsel of grace.
Sharing the Table Is there an empty chair at your Thanksgiving table?
Pass the Turducken! There is a food that’s greater than them all.
THANKS for the memories During the holiday, don't forget to make memories.
The Spiritual Flu Shot Jesus gave us the ultimate flu shot--His grace--so that we can reproduce His life in the world!
Rearview Mirror of Life Are you living life trying to go forward while looking in the rearview mirror?
Hanging Out With Jesus Spend time with Jesus. The more you get to know Him, the more you'll adore Him!
How to Stop Worrying We stop worrying when we start worshiping!
A Biblical Prayer Marinate on the truth of Ephesians 3:16-21.
Practice is a big Deal! When we practice love, patience and forgiveness, we excel in the game of life.
Listen to Your Wife! You don’t have to solve problems, just listen!
Conflict Resolution in Marriage In marriage, if you win the argument you both lose!
God Doesn’t Remember Your Sins God continues to remind you of His forgiveness.
He-motions Men, you can learn to share your deep feelings.
Getting bit by a Snake Unforgiveness releases resentment and bitterness into our heart.
Sores of Unforgiveness Unforgiveness is like sores on our heart that always hurts..Jesus is eager to heal our sores!
Need Swimming Lessons? Sign-up for Jesus' "living lessons" so you can truly live life!
Journey's Real Purpose In midst of a long trip, take heart--God is maturing you!
Beauty from Pain God wants to use your pain to produce something beautiful!
Stuck in Spiritual Mud We need each other. And we need to learn to be humble enough to ask for help when we’re stuck!
What is God's "School" for Us? Adversity is God's university of transformation.
Get Ready God is preparing us now, for what He has in store for us in the future.
What's Bullying You? Jesus is in your corner, let Him fight off your bullies.
Montana Night Sky For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so is His love for us.
Snorkeling Experience Jesus at a deeper level!
Learn how to be Weak! It's time to allow Jesus to be strong in our weakness.
Private Life vs. Public Life God's grace helps integrate our private and public life.
The Greatest Movie We live in the greatest movie of all time, Jesus’ movie.
Are You in the Game? We were created to be a Christ follower, not just a fan.
The "Wambulance" isn't Coming Our Savior has already come to save us!
Find Happiness First find happiness in Jesus, then you will find joy in life.
Behind Every Moment of Glory Are you willing to put in the sacrifice?
A Trophy of Grace God shows you off as His trophy of Grace in Ephesians 2:7!
Better than Coffee! Are you sleepwalking through life? God has given you Himself, wake up to the life God intended for you!
You can Make a Difference Are you using your platform to make a difference for Jesus?
Do Your Words Match Your Life? What if every Christ-follower saw their job as their mission field?
Say it with me: "NO!" If we don't learn to say "No!" we won't be able to say "Yes!" to the things that God has really called us to do!
Feeling Weak? In His strength we’re made stronger.
Get Out of the Boat! It's time for us to abandon our fear and, like Peter, get out of the boat!
Ready for a Breakthrough? Develop your will, wisdom and skill.
One Goal Win as many people to Jesus as possible!
More than we can Handle! Trust Jesus with everything and depend on Him.
Do You Know Christ? Being a Christian is not about me. It's about Christ.
An Etch-A-Sketch Life Wouldn't it be great if we could just shake our faults off, like an Etch-A Sketch?
Forgiven A beautiful image of what it means to be guilty and yet forever forgiven by Jesus.
Always on His Mind You are loved by God. There's never been a moment in which you haven't been on God's mind.
Giving Grace You never know who will thank you one day for giving them grace.
Attitude over Aptitude No role is small in God's kingdom. You can make other people better!
Teamwork Teamwork makes the dream work.
Defeat a Giant You might feel unnoticed, but God is preparing you.
Purpose in the Pits of Life God prepares us in the pits of life.
Great Expectations Our expectations shape our lives the most.
From Misery to Ministry God doesn't waste any experiences in our lives, especially those that produce misery.
Giving God a Call God's cell phone is always on, and He'd love to hear from you!
Loving each other Jesus is the glue that brings us together!
God's calling When God calls, He gives the power to see it through.
Be the best you can be How do we make the most of life when there are so many choices?
Greatness You can be great: Pursue relentlessly your God-given vision!
True Discipleship True discipleship is engaging and being transformed by Jesus.
Drafted by God You are God's first round draft-pick! --this one talks about NFL draft? Specific for the date?
A Greater Passion Remembering your brokenness gives you a greater passion to share God's mending grace.
God's Beloved You are God's beloved because you are found in Jesus!
Sweet Perfume Be a fragrance of grace